Monday, 4 May 2015

please come on in...

My name is M.R.Bull, and this is 'football by footpath', my occasional blog to chart away day travels to British football grounds that use any slightly quirky method of arrival.

This will usually involve a smidgin of research, a public footpath or a canal towpath, shanks' pony, a pub and preferably decent weather.  Falling down hills and getting lost is also distinctly possible, but it's hardly an extreme sport, so handglider geeks and parachutists need not apply.

Why bother to arrive at the back entrance via an overgrown field full of cow pats?  

Well, not only am I a contrary so-and-so at times, but I also like thinking outside the box; or even just ripping the whole box up and starting again.  And as much as I love a packed football terrace INSIDE the ground, outside of it don't you sometimes prefer to avoid the modern day madding crowd and not be herded along some crap route for away fans? 

There is also the bonus of being in the great British countryside, free parking or a less than obvious train station, an easier getaway, and hopefully a country pub that isn't full of sweaty Ipswich Town fans.   

It's also about being green... well, a little greener than average, especially compared to having the engine running whilst queuing to get out of that god awful car park and soul destroying retail park at Oxford United.

This is very much the infancy stage, but I hope to add in a few memories of previous trips that just about qualify (e.g. Derby County and Reading by river / canal paths), some ideas for future meanderings, and maybe even some adventures from readers (email me - hello  [at]


Martin Bull became a Gashead [Bristol Rovers fan] in 1989 and immediately fell in love with Twerton Park, standing near G pillar.  In 2006 he wrote, photographed and published the first independent book about the work of the artist Banksy.  Having been exiled for much of his past, away games have always been special for him, with 67 of the 92 League clubs so far conquered, and editing and publishing an acclaimed new book, 'Away The Gas', about them -